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CryptoYuan hardware wallet

Last week published photos of a CryptoYuan hardware wallet that does not require a smartphone. Despite rapid economic development, about 38% of China’s population still does not use smartphones. That is, about 680 million people will not be able to use government cryptocurrency functions that are available on smartphones. A self-contained hardware wallet in the form of a credit card has been developed for such people. The hardware wallet that was tested in Shanghai is a credit card device with a monochrome LCD in the upper right corner. It displays the transaction amount, available balance and some other information. In January, a new round of CryptoYuan testing began in Shenzhen. Residents of the city received 20 million CryptoYuan through the free lottery, which at the current exchange rate is about $ 3 million. They can spend money at 10,000 locations throughout the city.

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