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El Petro attracted $ 3 billion of investments in a week

A week after the launch of El Petro, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced new achievements of the national crypto currency.

According to him, for the period from February 20, $ 3 billion was raised and 171 015 certified purchases were conducted with the participation of investors from 127 countries.

El Petro was mainly bought for American dollars (40.8%), and part of the funds came in bitcoins (33.8%), Ether (18.4%), euro (6.5%) and Chinese yuan (0.2% %).

Recall, the president of Venezuela promised to follow the crypto currency provided by oil, to present the cryptocurrency, gold-secured – Petro Oro. The government of the country has opened in Granada, the state training center Granja Laboratorio Petro School, in whose tasks – to teach citizens the basics of crypto-economy and the use of crypto-currency. President Maduro ordered the largest companies to use national cryptocurrency, and all savings banks of the country to open the mining farms, creating new employment for more than 6 million employees, and more actively apply El Petro. However, developments unfolding around innovation are negatively perceived by the parliament and trade unions of the country.

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