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In South Korea, new crypto-exchanges continue to open

The problems with the opening of bank accounts and the receipt of services of fiat deposits did not become an obstacle to the opening of new crypto-exchanges in South Korea.

Since the introduction of the new real-name system, only customers of the four largest Korean crypto-birts can enter and withdraw amounts in vones: Bithumb, Upbit, Coinone and Korbit. They are serviced by six authorized banks. The rest of the exchanges are not provided with similar services due to security problems.

However, this situation did not become an obstacle for the opening of new crypto-exchanges. Today, on February 12, the exchange platform Zeniex, which will conduct trading in nine currencies, should be earned. In particular, bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Quantum, etc. are included in the listing. Earlier the launch of the exchange was postponed for a month due to the introduction of new rules.

“At present, it is difficult to provide a full range of services due to delays in registering bank accounts under the new system. Despite these circumstances, we decided to start work, because users are waiting for our discovery, “- said the head of Zeniex Cho Kyung-jung.
The soon-to-be-launched also announced the Dexko exchange. Preliminary registration has already started on February 5 and will last until February 25. All users who register during this time period will receive the right to free transactions within the first month. While the opening of the stock exchange is scheduled for March 15. The list includes ten currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, Litecoin and Ripple. According to the management of the exchange, Dexko meets all the requirements of the regulators and will soon get the right to use the fiat deposits.

In addition, two Chinese exchanges plan (hopefully CryptoYuan) to enter the South Korean market: OkCoin (60 currencies, including South Korean won) and Huobi.

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