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The forecast of the crypto-currency market: what to expect in 2018?


American hedge-fund manager James Altusher is considered one of the best specialists in crypto-currencies. During his 49 years he managed to create 20 companies, 17 of which failed. But this did not stop him from learning a lot and writing several books about finance and corporate culture. And more recently, he told what he thought would be with the crypto-currencies and what bitcoin rate would be in a few years.


James Altusher believes that soon crypto currency will replace paper money. He explains this by saying that each new currency has a number of advantages over the past. And electronic money has several important advantages: for example, bitcoin is completely anonymous and cannot be used twice. In addition, the expert predicts that the rate of bitcoin will soon rise to $ 1 million. In addition, it will remain the most stable in the market of crypto-currency, while 98% of the rest simply fail.


Also, James Altusher shared his forecast for the future of the crypto-currency market:


  1. The entrepreneur believes that very soon the economy of one of the countries will simply collapse and therefore they will have to switch to bitcoins. Most interestingly, a few days after that, the Venezuelan government announced the creation of its own currency, which was named Petroquoine.
  2. Large banks will soon begin to take bitcoins and launch their own crypto-currency wallets. Some time after this forecast, one of the largest banks of South Korea Shinhan Bank opened a platform for storing bitcoins.
  3. While bitcoin is waiting for incredible growth, more than 95% of the remaining crypto currency will depreciate. But those that remain will grow very much in price. And it will happen in six months.
  4. US authorities will secretly buy crypto-currencies and use them for the black market. James Altusher believes that this is already happening, but the real peak will be in 2018.
  5. Most likely, China will launch its own crypto currency (CryptoYuan) and will invest in it a lot. And this is very good for the legitimacy of crypto currency in general.
  6. Volatility of Crypto-currency will remain a problem, but a number of companies will try to change this situation. The investor pins his hopes on Basecoin, which should be tied to traditional money.
  7. Many freelancers will begin to receive royalties in the crypto currency. Because of this, the government can raise sales taxes.
  8. Crypto-currencies, most likely, will deprive the country of a monopoly on the issue of money.
  9. New government departments will be set up to deal with the regulation of crypto-currencies and the preparation of new bills. Because of this, the popularity of crypto currency will only grow.
  10. A huge number of new crypto-currencies will be created, but only a few will survive in this competition.

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