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Blockchain for postal parcels temperature control (Swiss Post)

The national Swiss mail company Swiss Post intends to integrate a new block-based solution developed by the startup Modum into its work. Thanks to the new technology, the delivery of parcels with medicines and other temperature-sensitive products will become more safe and qualitative.

The company Modum is based in Zurich and is developing sensitive elements, based on the technology of smart contracts and the Internet of things. The company claims that the new product has already passed several successful tests during the deliveries of the Swiss Post.

Despite the fact that the cooperation of the Swiss start-up with the second largest employer in the country began in the summer of 2017, Modum disclosed details of this partnership only on Monday. Companies will continue to integrate thermometric devices into the Swiss Post’s traffic accounting system.

Note that Modum is known for its developments for the pharmaceutical industry. The company’s sensitive elements help control the impact of the environment on transported drugs and drugs, including through the use of smart contract technology.

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