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The Future of CryptoCurrency in Decentralization

Jed McCaleb, co-founder of Ripple (XRP) and Stellar (XLM), as well as the creator of the infamous crypto-exchange Mt. Gox, said that the cryptocurrency and its core technology (block) should remain decentralized in order to succeed in the future.

In an interview with Fast Money from CNBC, McCaleb said that the only successful decentralized network he has ever seen is the Internet. In rather open criticism of Ripple, the company behind the creation of a payment protocol, which he founded in 2013, but has since left – McCaleb said that deploying a centralized financial payment protocol using cryptography would result in “a system that is no better than SWIFT or PayPal “. He continued his comparison with the blockbuster and the Internet, saying:

The real vision is that you have a network, the same as the Internet, and everyone can participate in it. This is the key to success.

Earlier this week, McCaleb explained his vision of a “universal payment network” based on the blockbuster, also noting that he believes that all capital will be tokenized by 2028.

McCaleb is not the only known person from the cryptomir who publicly commented on crypto and blocking this week. On March 22, Edward Snowden expressed concern over the fact that bitcoin (BTC) was “devastatingly open”, calling the open blockade of BTC “a long-term drawback.”

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