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Comments Policy

The guidelines below govern the moderation of comments on articles. We aim to encourage intelligent discourse, so the comments section is both useful and inviting for all participants.


  • Any derogatory comments based on background, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation will not be tolerated.
  • We do not tolerate comments which can be interpreted as violent threats.
  • We do not allow begging for tips/money, eg pasting wallet addresses of digital currencies.
  • Personal, vindictive attacks on public figures, authors or other users will not be tolerated. People should not to be afraid to post comments for fear of mindless abuse from others.
  • Constructive feedback and criticism are welcome, but smear tactics and mud-slinging are not acceptable. Other forms of persistent misrepresentation of CryptoYuan, and those involved with the platform will not be tolerated.
  • Nobody wants to read an eight-page flame-war debating which cryptocurrency you love or hate. We may nip this in the bud if it is not going anywhere.
  • Spam and other commercial comments will not be tolerated. This will cause you to be added to the blacklist if there are repeat offenses. All comments with links pass through moderation, so please be patient with moderators.
  • Comments that are relevant to the article are more likely to be accepted.
  • Please make sure your username and email are not offensive or overly promotional. These comments are more likely to enter the moderation queue before being accepted.
  • Please do not use URLs as your username. Your comments WILL be deleted.
  • Do not copy/paste the same comment into every thread.
  • Do not paste links with no explanation as to what you are posting.
  • Constant trolling of others to get into arguments will be noticed. The appropriate action will be taken.
  • Duplicate comments will be discarded.
  • Any potentially libelous posting or comments in breach of copyright will be deleted.


  • Take time with what you are writing: if we can’t understand it, we won’t approve it.
  • Try to write with maturity and be reasonable to others. Make your comment worthwhile, and keep it on topic.
  • If you spot an issue with an article, please contact the team so it may be corrected as soon as possible.
  • The upvote and downvote arrows are there for a reason – use them.
  • Particularly insightful and well-written submissions are more likely to be chosen as ‘featured’ comments.
  • We are a US-based site, so moderation may be quicker during US working hours. We do have a team located in different timezones, but we cannot always moderate comments 24/7. So please be patient.
  • Remember that CryptoYuan has a wide range of writers, and some articles are posted as opinion or feature pieces rather than news.
  • Please remember that the views and opinions of many authors do not reflect the views of CryptoYuan as a whole.
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